Getting married is one of the most precious memorable moments in your life,
so it should be celebrated accordingly.

The Beaver Guest Ranch Team invites you to commemorate this special occasion at our beautiful ranch.


The wedding is one of the most special and poignant moments in your life.
It inaugurates the beginning of a common path that the couple has chosen.

At the Beaver Guest Ranch, the ceremony is held by a wedding commissioner and your groomsman and maids of honour are of course invited as well.
Our team will organize the entire ceremony and all formalities.
If you visit us from abroad,we will legalize your wedding documents through your country's embassy here in Canada and mail them directly to your home.

We offer you three amazing options to celebrate your special day with us:

Option 1:

This popular option promises a romantic ceremony under the open sky.
Get married on a beautiful island on a picturesque lake, surrounded only by untouched nature and amazing scenery. Together in a canoe, you both will be guided to this island where the marriage commissioner and all other guests will await you.

After the ceremony, some appetizers will be served, together with champagne for the special occasion.

Back at the ranch, a reception will be prepared for you with coffee and a wedding cake. After, we will saddle the horses and go on a special trail with you.

Have a look at our pictures and get inspired by our wedding impressions.

Option 2:

In a cozy, small log-chapel near 108 Mile House, we will celebrate the wedding ceremony together with a marriage commissioner and your guests. The surrounding historic buildings from the 108 Heritage Museum and a nearby lake offer an ideal opportunity for amazing wedding pictures. Of course, some appetizers and champagne will be served as well.

Option 3:

We conduct the wedding ceremony in our specially-prepared horse barn. With cowboy hat and lasso, all our horse-lovers will enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance this opportunity offers. A reception with champagne and wedding cake are of course included as well.

We feel absolutely confident that you will appreciate one of three options that we have framed for you.
We are happy to make special arrangments and adjust to your individual wishes and expectations.

which we always can arrange and adjust to your individual wishes.

For 1980 $ / person
application fees at the government office
- fees for the wedding commissioner
all government taxes
costs for the legalized wedding certificate
rental costs for the log-chapel / costs for the island trip
appetizers and champagne
bouquet of flowers
and of course, a 7day stay at our ranch, as described.

We will arrange the ceremony and deal with all the formalities in the background so that you can entirely enjoy this special day in your life.
All documents will be mailed to you
after legalization by your embassy, if necessary.
If you wish, a photographer is also available for your wedding.


We already had the pleasure to spoil a number of couples that spent their honeymoon
at the Beaver Guest Ranch

-together in a canoe on the lonesome lakes, watching eagles in their nests
-or observing a black bear mother, playing with her kids
-or visiting an alpaca ranch and experience the social life of an alpaca herd
-or experiencing adventurous waterfalls together.

.... will be on your agenda

The quiescence of our untouched nature, the beautiful scenery and the feeling of relaxation at our ranch offer you an enjoyable time to spend with each other.

" We couldn't have asked for a better and sunnier honeymoon. We will never forget the 11 days we spent at the Beaver Guest Ranch. For me, a childhood dream came true: a ranch, lovely horses and dogs, and amazing nature. Patrick too found a new friend with his horse Harley. Watching a wild black bear was an unforgettable experience for us. The hospitality of Mario and Bettina is absolutely unique - we have enjoyed every single day. Many small things, like a wonderfully-prepared candlelight dinner after our one-week anniversary, or the lovely breakfasts and Bettina's great cuisine, all will be missed.
Never have we experienced the serenity and the peace as here -
we will miss all when we are back in our office near Frankfurt. "

We are certain that you will enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon at the Beaver Guest Ranch.

For $ 1335,- we offer you a 7 day special:
- reception with champagne, accommodation at our cozy guest ranch, breakfast, lunch, all non-alcoholic beverages as well as all activities, including horseback-riding, canoeing, fishing, and guided tours to a alpaca ranch, waterfalls and a Western Pub.

The program can be individually arranged of course. If you have any questions, please let us know.